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The best place on the net to shop for Gundam models, and home of my most frequented message board.

An excellent site by featuring some great work by a team of skilled modelers.

A promising site by a group of experienced modellers.

A contest site shocasing some great amateur works.

A nice place to check out some amateur works.  Also has a message board that I don't frequent.

A great italian modelling website run by Teoj.

Some amazing modeling work here. Definitely worth checking out.

The homepage of Yuji "JAM" Konno, a professional modeler whose work has been published in Hobby Japan magazine.

Japanese modellers, with amazing works.

A nice site to check out what an experienced modeller can do with an old kit.

Newtpe Asylum

Solid Gundam site with plenty of reviews, information, and links

An excellent CG site.  Japanese text.

Ora-Zaku Site

Japanese website of the creator of the 'Ora-Zaku' model. Also has a nice Guncannon diarama.  Check it out.

Other Links

One of the funniest sites on the web. You should definitely check it out!

(The site itself is under "View old features page")

Home of the online comic "Rockman Adventures". Read it!

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